Why Franchise With New Again Houses?

Why Franchise?

You want to build a real business, not just a second job. If you want to build a business that makes a difference in your life and the community, you will need professional lead generation, capital, training, analysis systems, and support. You can spend years building those yourself, or you can build with New Again Houses®.

On Day 1, jump in the Flip Simulator™ and learn to use all the tools New Again Houses® has developed to flip hundreds of houses. From onboarding your new business to experiencing virtual flipping simulators, you will learn how to flip houses with New Again Houses®’s powerful MasterSuite Technology™. Pour fuel on your local marketing with our digital marketing platform, Lead Launchpad™. Benefit from the continued support of the New Again Ecosystem™ and access capital from our partner at Alta Capital Management™.

Why piece together a DIY business with homemade websites and amateur spreadsheets when you can leverage the competitive advantage of a professional franchise on the first day? Don’t waste years riding a steep and costly learning curve when you could be creating income and building wealth.

Your Investment

Franchise Fee: $42,500
Royalties: 2.25% of sales
Advertising Costs: Recommended $2,500/month minimum
Monthly Technology Fee: $100

Our Philosophy

Our vision of success at New Again Houses is a long term sustainable business that grows beyond ourselves. Our method of achieving that kind of sustainable success is building a team of partners upon win/win relationships and mutual trust. In short, the partnerships must allow both parties to succeed, and in this business, success is measured largely upon profits per deal. To scale a business such as this, you will need contractors you trust to make the right decision when you aren’t watching. You will need attorneys and accountants who are there for you in moments of time sensitive decisions. There will be times when you will fully rely on a partner to forego a potential fee in order to steer you away from a bad deal. Achieving this kind of sustainable success requires partners who you can trust.

The methods we advocate are not designed to yield the largest margin on the next deal. We do not measure our success on the profit margin of any one particular transaction. We measure our success on the viability of our business over the course of a decade. This includes our profits, but also our quality of life along the way.

We are continually building an ecosystem around our core business. An ecosystem consists of mutually beneficial relationships. We want to foster long term business relationships, and we know our partners must win in order to achieve that. The end result of numerous partnerships is an ecosystem that leverages healthy partnerships to scale our business beyond ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I own a franchise and keep my full time job?

We’ve designed the franchise model so you do not have to quit your job. We understand the risk and cash flow issues involved in starting a new business and we’ve built the model to minimize those risks. You can build a significant business while keeping your job. The entire system is designed to allow one person to scale the business with minimal overhead costs.

What is the franchise fee for my own New Again Houses® franchise?

The initial franchise fee for a full franchise is $42,500. It is our intention to keep the barrier to entry low in order to attract top quality franchisees.

Will my territory be protected?

All franchise territories will be protected. This means no other New Again Houses® franchise can operate within your protected territory.

Do I need construction knowledge?

No. The franchise model was built for people with no technical construction knowledge, like the founder of New Again Houses®. The business is not built for you to swing a hammer. It is for you to build a business around others who swing hammers.

How do I know how to analyze properties?

Since 2008, we’ve been building extraordinary systems that have evolved into the MasterSuite Technology™, our proprietary analysis system. It is both powerful and user-friendly. It helps franchisees be decisive as it provides confidence to our capital partners who provide funding exclusively to qualified New Again Houses® franchises.

Where will I get leads?

New Again Houses® has been building a strong digital footprint by generating thousands of visits to its website and social media pages for years. Franchise locations will get their own website that piggybacks on top of the home site, allowing franchises to maximize digital advertising strategies and generate quality leads directly from motivated sellers. Franchisees will also have access to all the marketing materials, methods, and strategies New Again Houses® has been building since 2008. All these strategies and methods are part of Lead Launchpad™, our proprietary marketing platform that is included with a franchise.

Can I partner with someone?

Yes, you can own a franchise with a partner. All partners would need to be approved.

Can I work out of a home office?


Is there training?

We’ve built Flip Simulator™, an interactive training experience. It takes the knowledge we’ve accumulated in flipping hundreds of houses and delivers it in an experiential virtual learning environment. The training begins with onboarding your franchise and then turns the focus to flipping houses with our proprietary MasterSuite Technology™. It’s efficient, effective and fun.

Do I need to be located in a metropolitan area?

New Again Houses® was built in Bristol, TN with a surrounding population of approximately 150,000. Furthermore, it was born in 2008, the lowest level of the last housing cycle. You do not need to be located in a large city and there are certain advantages to operating in more rural areas.

Who owns the properties?

You own all your properties through your own corporate entity. New Again Houses® is the platform that makes it possible for you to acquire and develop them.

Is there a national marketing fund?

Real estate is local, so all your marketing costs are 100% focused on your local market. The budget is controlled by the franchisee. It is expected, but not required, that franchisees spend at least $2,500/month on local marketing. Franchisees benefit from our Lead Launchpad™ platform, which focuses on targeted, hyper-local strategies.

What are the royalties?

The royalty structure is very simple. It equates to 2.25% of gross sales and there are no additional fees paid to New Again Houses® for financing with our partner investors.

Will I have continuing support?

The New Again Ecosystem™ is a supportive environment. It includes support from fellow franchisees, the corporate team, our professional partners, and continuing education through the Flip Simulator™.

Do I need a real estate license?

No. The business is designed for use by agents or non-agents.

How long does it take for the business to be operational?

Since there is no office needed, the runway is far shorter than most franchises. The Flip Simulator™ will guide you through onboarding, marketing setup, simulators, and team building. The entire process is expected to take 30 days, assuming you have another full-time job. Since it is on a virtual platform, the entire process can be done from your own location.

Is financing guaranteed?

Financing is provided by our long-time partners at Alta Capital Management™. Alta will qualify prospects during the franchise application process. Alta has confidence in our MasterSuite Technology™ to underwrite transactions and it currently funds only New Again Houses® franchisees. Final approval on any financing rests with Alta and not New Again Houses®.

Are there additional fees for the franchise products?

All proprietary New Again Houses® products are included and are available exclusively to New Again Houses® franchisees and there is no additional charge for any of them.

Interested in Owning a New Again Houses® Franchise?