MasterSuite Technology

Build your own real estate portfolio on a solid foundation.

Generate excellent leads, identify the best prospects, and make fast, confident decisions. You aren’t purchasing small items. You are purchasing real property, so you need powerful technology to make sophisticated decisions. You are leveraging other people’s capital and this is no business for spreadsheets and amateur calculations. MasterSuite Technology™, the proprietary technology of New Again Houses, is a powerful software system that is designed to be user friendly, fast, and accurate. It’s algorithms instantly pull data from multiple APIs and project accurate local construction budgets, values, and required profit margins. The technology uses an escalating stage methodology to laser focus your time on the best prospects. MasterSuite’s Risk Factor calculation quantifies risk in a way that gives New Again Houses capital partners confidence to invest in projects. Developed by New Again Houses® and a full stack software engineer, MasterSuite Technology™ serves as the vetting platform that connects franchisees with capital partners.

Escalating Stage Methodology Focuses Time on the Best Prospects

User Friendly Design and Flip Simulator Training Streamline Learning

Proprietary Risk Factor Calculation Takes the Emotion out of the Analysis

Accurate Calculations and Projections

Generates Local Construction Estimates with Speed and Accuracy

Fast and Simplified Inputs

MasterSuite Technology™ is designed to place the power of professional grade analysis software into the hands of franchisees with little technical expertise. Build a professional house flipping business with sophisticated technology that investment funds respect.