Alta Capital Management

A trusted capital partner.

Real estate development is capital intensive. You can finance one house with your equity line and local bank. You want to build something bigger and you’ll need trusted capital partners. Alta Capital Management™ has been a trusted partner of New Again Houses since 2013. New Again and Alta have developed a mutually beneficial approach that provides qualified franchisees with affordable capital and investors with a secured investment portfolio. In that time, Alta has grown to be a multi-million dollar investment vehicle by investing exclusively in New Again Houses projects. Led by veteran executive and investor Mark Pate, Alta has grown to trust our methods and the MasterSuite Technology™ to underwrite millions in projects. Alta has been a pivotal part of the franchise growth and is eager to invest in qualified franchise locations. While New Again Houses does not control Alta Capital Management™ decisions and financing can not be guaranteed, Alta uses the MasterSuite Technology™ and its trusted partnership with New Again Houses to underwrite projects up to 100% of the project cost.